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Dive into our FAQ section for straightforward answers to your burning questions about Brunozzi Transfer. Here, we aim to clarify our services and how we can seamlessly address your logistics and transportation needs. Let's get you moving in the right direction with ease and confidence.

  • Who founded Brunozzi Transfer and what's its history?
    Brunozzi Transfer was founded by Sam Brunozzi in 1975. Sam was an experienced truck driver himself, commuting daily from Vineland NJ to Philadelphia PA to work for a trucking company in the city. Sam aspired to be a business owner, so he decided to venture out on his own and buy his first truck and the rest is history. Sadly, Sam passed away in 2001, but his legacy and hard work lives on in what he left behind in Brunozzi Transfer.
  • How can Brunozzi Transfer assist with residential moves?
    For those relocating, Brunozzi Transfer simplifies the process with our storage trailer solutions. We offer convenient drop-off and pick-up services, ensuring your belongings are securely transported and stored until you're settled. Our service is tailored to fit within our extensive Eastern Seaboard service areas, embodying flexibility and reliability.​
  • What solutions does Brunozzi Transfer offer for additional storage needs?
    Addressing your storage challenges, Brunozzi Transfer provides secure, accessible trailer storage options. Whether you prefer on-site storage for easy access or wish to keep your belongings in our guarded facility, we cater to your needs with customizable solutions, highlighting our commitment to secure, versatile storage services.
  • Why choose Brunozzi Transfer for freight hauling?
    Brunozzi Transfer distinguishes itself through exceptional service and instant communication. With a focus on efficiency and real-time updates via GPS tracking, our approach ensures your freight's timely and safe delivery. We blend traditional customer service with modern technology to meet your logistics needs effectively.​
  • Does Brunozzi Transfer offer truck rentals?
    Unfortunately, no. All our tractors are used for our own needs and are not available for rent. However, please let us know what you are looking for and maybe we can still help by using one of our drivers!
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